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SAS EuroBonus

河北云教育服务平台: Membership levels in SAS EuroBonus

SAS EuroBonus is your key to easier, more enjoyable travel – regardless of your membership level. There are lots of benefits to enjoy from the start.?And as you earn points and level up, the benefits and rewards just get?better and better.

Level up?

EuroBonus has 4 membership levels: Member, Silver, Gold and Diamond. You always start as a Member and the more you?travel during your personal 12-month period, the faster you can reach the next level and enjoy more benefits. You will automatically move up to a higher level during your personal 12-month qualification period that starts the month you joined EuroBonus.?

News! How to become a Lifetime Gold member

You can be awarded a Lifetime Gold membership if you qualify for EuroBonus Gold for 10 consecutive years, either through Basic point accrual or number of qualifying flight segments with SAS or Wideroe.?

Go to our Lifetime Gold page to see your Lifetime Gold status, history or more information

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